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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Sunday  FOX  February 13, 2011 8:00am-9:00am EST

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off the field trouble for two redskins troubles. brandon banks stabbed outside a nightclub. albert haynesworth charged with saw. this morning we have some good news for banks. we've got the latest on both cases. >> some of the biggest names in the republican party descend he'd on d.c. for their annual conference. a look inside cpac. and egypt's military tries to he restore order after weeks
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of protests. which lead others are calling for the main pro toast to end and why some people are still demonstrating outside the white house. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm melanie alnwick. let's get right to the brandon banks case. the skins star is still in the hospital after being stabbed outside a d.c. nightclub. >> police are still trying to piece this together but it appears he was attacked while trying to protect his life-long friend. he is one of two redskins players making news off the field this weekend. roz plate hear the story. -- roz plater has the story. >> reporter: there is a confrontation outside this nightclub that starts with words and quickly escalates. >> we just know it started with it's still under investigation what exactly the altercation stemmed from. >> reporter: police say it was all caught on the club's security cameras. one of the men pulls out a knife and establishes the other two, one of them multiple
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times. workers at the club ran out to stop it. >> some of the actual employees from the nightclub helped to break up the incident and disarm the suspect. >> and they held him until police showed up. one of the victims, washington redskins kick returner brandon banks who just wrapped up his rookie season. fans are stunned. >> that's terrible. i've got much love for brandon banks. i don't know why they would do something like that out here, especially this part of town. this is a nice part of town. >> i don't know this area to be particularly violent in the evenings. that's kind of surprising. >> i hope he roars quickly and is back out doing his football thing. >> in a statement, banks' agent said the player was hurt as he tried to protect his childhood friend and remains concerned about him. he says banks is not implicated and is expected to make a full recovery. it mike jones, who writes the redskins schneider column poor the washington post, says banks is well regarded on and off the
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field. >> brandon is a very -- he's good with the fans. he never is a i go that runs into trouble or anything like that. he's good with the fans. he's got a child that he is very fond of, good father. >> and that was roz plater reporting. we're told banks' friend is in critical but stable condition. police say the suspect is 24- year-old jason shorter of lanham. he's being held on charges of assault with intent to kill. screw brandon banks isn't the only redskin making headlines. albert haynesworth has now officially been charged with assault in a road rage investigation. he and his attorney anded at at police station to sign a warrant yesterday. a 38-year-old man claims the skins' defensive lineman punched him earlier this month after a tailgating incident. u.s.a. today is reporting that haynesworth faced road rage charges before being cleared in
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2006. he's scheduled to appear in the courthouse next month. it is the second full day since president mubarak stepped down. life in cairo appears to be slowly getting back to normal. many protesters who had crowded into the city's central square have left but are still celebrating. there were some scuffles that broke out when some young men refused to leave. egypt's military is also taking down the tents in the nearby protest car. thousands of protesters are even helping clean up the site of the largest and most violent demonstration. so will protests continue until a new government is in place? fox is in cairo with the latest. it. >> reporter: celebrations continue across egypt. >> we're trying to take forward steps. >> reporter: massive anti- government protests finally ended president hosni mubarak's
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near 30-year rule. he reportedlily left hours before the announcement was made. a coalition of opposition leaders are calling for the main protest to end, and there are signs that people are gradually leaving cairo's tahrir square. meanwhile the muslim brother hood said it would not participate in any transitional government. >> we do not have any ruling aspirations. we will not put forward a candidate. >> reporter: egypt's mull terry is pledging to hand over power to an elected civilian government but has not outlined a timetable. the military is asking the current government to continue operations until a new one is formed. >> the present government and district governors shall continue their duties until the formation of a new government. >> reporter: the military is also reassuring allies that egypt will abide by its peace treaty with israel.
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prime minister benjamin netanyahu welcomed the promise. egypt and israel fought four wars before the treaty was signed. in cairo, fox news. >> in washington, there are still demands from demonstrators who want what has happened in egypt to spill over into other countries. >> human rights now! >> egypt, we hear you! >> human rights now. >> the white house is supporting the egyptian people and demanding human rights in other parts of the world. >> the last thing to think about is to go back and live there because of all the injustice there, but a lot of discrimination, even within social classes, so hopefully
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that all gets cleared away within the next, i don't know two, years. >> demonstrations have also been taking place in new york and chicago this weekend. fox 5 is keeping an eye on the latest developments in the wake of president mubarak's resignation. head over to for photos and updates 24/7. concerned activists wrapped up a three-day conference in t c c weekend. speakers included many of the 2012 republican presidential hopefuls. it. >> reporter: it's considered the unofficial first step towards proving their electability against president obama. more than 10,000 activists converging in washington to attend the three-day conservative political action conference. many see it as the opening bell for the republican presidential nominating contest. >> the main thing is elect ago
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republican president next year. it we can't put america on the right track until we elect a republican president in 2012 and a republican senate to join the republican house in enacting those crucial policies. >> reporter: after the major speeches came, the highlily anticipated straw poll. more than 3700 people voted. this year's winner, ron paul with 30%. the texas congressman known for his libertarian views ran for president in 2008 but was never a serious contender for the gop nome notion. >> let's say we even theoretically and a miracle happened and we billioned the budget where we are today. it would be still a disaster because we're spending too much money. but it wouldn't change a lot. when a crisis comes, guess what happens. guess who does the bailing out? the federal reserve used $4
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billion to pass out without congressional approval, and most people say is oh, well, that's the federal reserve's job to do. that no, it is our job to check up and find what the federal reserve has done, audit it and find out who their buddies are that they're taking care v. >> reporter: following paul was mitt romney. gary johnson and chris christie each with 16%. nut romney won 5%. tim pawlenty and mitch daniels each had 4%. sarah palin and mike huckabee, two names often mentioned, got 3% and 2% respectively. neither attended this event, nor did chris christie. most voters identified themselves as fiscal conservatives and the two issues most important to voters in this straw poll reducing the size of federal government and reducing government spending. in washington, molly henneberg, fox news. >> this is the second year in a
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row that congressman paul has won cpac's stray poll. we're still waiting word on what caused a fire at the rail yard on newark avenue in northeast. its massive fuel tanks caught on fire. the good news no, one was hurt. amtrak says there were minor delays in service but everything is back to normal now. an apartment fire brought rescuers to a d.c. neighborhood for the second time in 24 hours. they had to pull several people out of windows on the second floor apartment building on second street southwest. a 62-year-old woman was badly burned. three young children were taken to the hospital with smoke inhalation. that was one block away from the apartment fire that killed a 53-year-old woman friday morning. investigators believe that fire was an accident. the home did not have a working smoke detector. all right, let's get to the other big story that we are
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following this weekend. mother nature, of course. wasn't too bad out there. >> no, apparently the bitter cold is on its way out. we're expecting pretty nice weather, perhaps maybe even 50 degrees for today. >> hallelujah. >> gwen tolbart in the weather center, it could be true? >> well, the winds are back, unfortunately, but let's begin with a look at our map. satellite/radar composite showing you texts of a clipper system that pushed its way to the north. most of what you see across our region to the south is actually in the upper atmosphere so we didn't have to deal with anything but close to the mason dixon line, yes, they darks few flurries and showers. we're just really enjoying some sunshine that's going to move into the course of today. current temperatures now, 35 degrees at national airport, 37 at annapolis, 34 degrees for baltimore, and 36 at
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gaithersburg. 32 to the west in martinsburg. winds are calm right now but they will pick up in the course of the afternoon so be prepared. we've got gusty winds in the forecast, and ace said right now those temperatures in the 30s. but you're right, we're headed to the 50s. more details later. dozens of mothers and fathers come to the defense of a nursing mother at a smithsonian museum. her encounter with a security guard set off a firestorm of controversy. hear their message and the response from the museum. plus, a new york man goes on daled ram painkilling four people including his own loved ones. hear what police think may have set him off on the two-day spree.  [ alarm clock buzzing, indistinct conversations ]
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making headlines this morning, the call for democracy is spreading to algeria. thousands defy the government ban on demonstrations saturday pouring into algeria's capital for a pro-democracy rally.
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police lined the streets holding back the protesters. no coincidence that march came just a day after egyptian president hosni mubarak finally stepped down. >> mexico's drug war has claimed the lives of 14 more people. six people died when gunmen opened fire at a nightclub in guadalajara. eight people were killed in monterey. close to 40,000 people have died in the last five years due to drug trafficking there. in new york a deadly two- day stabbing spree. police say a 23-year-old brooklyn man stabbed his stepfather, girlfriend, and her mother, then hit and killed a pedestrian in a stolen he car and slashed and wounded four other people before being arrested in a subway station. police say this started when the suspect's mother did not allow him to drive her car. now to a fox 5 follow up about a local woman stopped from nursing in public. about a hundred new mothers
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staged a nurse-in on the national mall. >> it was a show of support for a woman who claims her rights were violated. >> reporter: when one rockville, maryland resident tried to breast feed her baby on a bench inside the museum of modern art, a security officer told her, move to the ladies room. >> if there was a comfy chair there, i would be happy to. >> reporter: the guard told the woman she could sit on the toilet. she is not the only nursing mother unhappy. >> i'm outraged that she was go told to sit on the toilet. does the security guard want to eat his breakfast on the toilet? i don't think so. >> reporter: scores of mothers descended for a two-hour nurse- in, an expression of solidarity for the natural method of
8:18 am
feeding infant human children. we should point out that anyone visiting an art museum on any day is likely to come across depictions of female breasts. but these moms were less interested in artistic irony than they were in action. >> this particular incident has to do with just ignorance, you know, not knowing, and, you know, not respecting a mother's right to breast feed her child. >> as it turns out, both federal and d.c. laws guarantee the right of women to breast fade their children in public. the museum has publiclily apologized for what happened to the woman and her daughter and has promised that security officers will abide by the law. these new mothers came to see for themselves that the smithsonian will let moms nurse without any harassment. in washington, john henrehan, fox 5 news. it. >> all right, here are some of the stories expected to make headlines in the weak ahead. it love is in the air and tomorrow isly valentine's day. it is also, by the way, national organ donor day.
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the u.s. department of health and human services is encouraging people to give the ultimate gift of love by signing up to become an organ and tissue donor. on tuesday president obama will honor the recipients of the 2010 medal of freedom. the award is mark's highest civilian honor. among the 15 honorees are former president george h. w. bush, congressman john lewis, poet maya angelou, and investor warren buffett. sarah palin visits new york on wednesday. she's appearing at the long island association of meetings. the group has previously played host to former presidents and other national leaders. good news for verizon iphone customers. your son will soon be ringing. verizon says all preordered iphones sold on-line will ship by friday. have you ever wondered what the world looks like through the eyes of a musend?
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>> are my glasses cool? i want to ask the king of glasses. >> they're very, cool. >> fox 5 reviewer kevin mccarthy sits down with sir elton john to talk about being a father and a new animated film that features some of his classic songs. and it is music's biggest night. the 53rd annual grammy awards just hours away. hear what local artists are up for in their awards this year. drink in the rich, bold taste... of premium roast coffee -- 100% arabica beans. it's so rich, but so just a dollar. on the dollar menu at breakfast. and that's what we're made of. ♪ ba da ba ba ba
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in the buzz bin this morning, the biggest stars in music are gearing up for tonight's 53rd annual grammy awards. the list of nominees include katy perry, lady gaga, justin bieber and rihanna. mick jagger and bob dillon are among the big name performers. chuck brown is also nominated for his first grammy. >> i couldn't believe it. i haven't gotten over it yet.
8:24 am
i am never going to get over it. that's something that will be with me the rest of my life. >> other nominees include carolyn malachi for the best urban alternative album. >> the new film "nomeo and juliette" is in the theaters and it features some of elton johns most popular songs. >> i have a question about, do you find yourself now wanting to focus more on kid centric films now that you're a father, and your music, do you want to focus more on kid centric? >> we started this 11 years ago. if you had asked me then if i would be a father when this film comes out, i would say, you are joking. but now tough responsibility of being a father, it probably will appeal to me much more.
8:25 am
i've always loved doing kids things, anyway. i did the lion king and the road to eldorado. but, yeah, having a child of your own, it probably will make a difference. >> i loved hearing your classic songs, but i loved the new music. "hello hello," and" "love built a garden," i was singing those on the way back to my hotel last night. >> we've never written in the same room -- bernie taw pin. it's so exciting, and it's been that way up to 43 years. it's never changed. it never changed with tim rice, the lion king, or -- it's always the lyrics first, i write the melody, then the other person comes into the room or i play it to him on the phone, whatever. >> i love when they brought you animated into the film.
8:26 am
>> me, too. >> the cool thing is with the glasses. you're known for your glatsz. and i have to say, green is a great color and you're rocking the greatest glasses so i want to ask, are my glasses cool? >> they're very, very cool. >> so elton john approves. >> may i try them on? >> can i try yours on snow. >> mine don't have any lenses. >> oh, i like these. why don't we just trade. >> there you go. >> come and sit here. >> sit in sir elton's chair. >> there you go. hey, guys. this is so awesome. when you finally see this film and you see your classic film being put through animation what goes through your mind? because these are songs you wrote decades ago. do you get a sense of like, wow, i never thought that sense would ever be put to animation? >> this whole career thing is full of surprises. you never know what's going to happen. it was david cookies idea to put my old cat a log into the
8:27 am
movie, and it was a great idea. i would have never thought of that absolutely not. i'm always trying to write new stuff and not trying to go back. but he was absolutely right to use it, because it gives the film a flow, and the new songs and the old songs, and it's -- as a sock writer, whenever you hear your songs, you always get a little critical, but it's always kind of a buzz. the music, i'm so thrilled with this film, and it's been such a labor of love for all of us who have worked on it. it's taken 11 years of our life to get this to fruition, and to actually see it and the finished state with the music and the animation and the message that it provides, which is tolerance, compassion, love, and let's be nicer, and also you've had the laughter and the animation is gorgeous. we're thrilled. it's hard to make animation movies. the climate is always changing. they take four years to make. so in those four years, animation movies could move on somewhere else. but i think we've made a classic kind of old fashioned
8:28 am
beautiful movie in 3-d that will last for a long time. >> hello. >> nom irk oarkz and juliette. >> that was great. and i loved the glasses on kevin. who would think to say, hey, elton, can i try your glasses on. not too many people would. you can see him every week on fox 5 morning news as well. kevin mccarthy. what a way to start the work week. the federal budget showdown on capitol hill begins. and fox news sunday takes a look at the cuts and why republicans say they don't go far enough. plus, gwen is back with a look at today's sunny outlook. fox 5 morning news will be right back.  [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable
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8:32 am
for 2012 rolls off the line tomorrow. the obama administration is hoping to head off what could become a major battle over the budget, but republicans after plan of their own that includes $40 billion in spending cuts. fox news sunday breaks it down as well as the cpac conference. chris wallace joins us with a preview. it i'm happy to see you made it back from last week's round table unscathed. >> that's right, with howie and terry and michael. i figure dealing with these political types this week should be a piece of cake. >> early reviews say that president obama has gone pretty far including cuts to many programs that democrats say will hurt. why is that not enough for republicans? >> well, no, because while he has done spending cuts, he also has some spending increases for education and infrastructure and research. overall it's a five-year spending freeze, and the republicans have a very different plan. they want to cut $60 billion just outside of discretionary spending in the next seven months of this year, the last seven months of this budget
8:33 am
year. so repub cab cuts, president spending freeze, big difference. >> chris, of course the elephant in the room is entitlement spending. i know you've tried to pin many guests down on this issue, and they can be awfully wiggly. >> that's exactly right. there are two aspect to the. first of all, that's where the money is as willie sutton said about banks. all of the spending that both sides are talking about, discretion after the accident, non-defense spending, only 15% of our budget, the entitlements, social security, medicare, medicaid, 40% of the budget, but that's politically explosive. at some point if you're really serious about getting our deficits down, you are going to have to get involved with that. but both sides are worried that the other side will demagogue them. what i've heard from people, including the president and the speaker, they want to get into a room in private and basically jump into this boat together so that they have some political cover. shoe they're going to have to do it because nobody wants to
8:34 am
go first. conservatives descended on d.c. yesterday for their annual conference. i know that you are going to have mississippi governor haley barbour on. i've got to ask you, if the idea is winning the middle in order to win the presidency, how much do these political conferences play? >> well, there two are aspects to any political campaign. first of all, you have to energize your base. and cpac, 3700 members, the conservative political action conference, these are some of the true believers, just like or various liberal groups. you've got to energize your base, then appeal to the middle but the base comes first, and that's what was happening this weekend in washington. ron paul won. i don't think that makes him the front runner. he won last year. a lot of his supporters come to this particular conference. mitt romney finished a strong second. interestingly enough, all the others, huckabee and gingrich and palin and barbour all
8:35 am
finished in the single digits. it's pretty much a wide open race. >>'s going to be fun to watch. thanks for your time, chris. catch fox news sunday at 9:00 a.m. right after our show. cabin fever is over in and around dallas. the recent deep freeze and wicked weather ma moved in during super bowl week has left and in its place, take a look, much warmer temperatures, and so much so the folks are putting on the shorts, hitting the parks & recreational areas for a little fun in the sun. looks gorgeous down there. i can't believe that they were dealing with all that winter weather right before. >> i had some friends that live just outside of dallas and said that it was crazy, because people, they don't have snow plows, they don't have sand and salt. it was a mess. >> i can tell you i worked in dallas for five years, and he every time it got cold, they said, send the canadian outside, she can handle it. they are so not used to. this we have been dealt a cool hand lately, but things are
8:36 am
changing. we've got a clipper system that's starting to head through. most of the moisture is in the upper atmosphere but seeing activity mere the mason dixon line and into parts of pennsylvania but we're talking sunshine today. we'll have some clouds. temperatures right now, 35 at national airport, 34 degrees at baltimore, 37 degrees at annapolis, 34 degrees al dulles. the winds are calm. humidity at 67%. we've got some gusty winds. yesterday was very windy, not quite as windy today, however, but definitely you will have to hang on to your hat. we will be heading up to 52, but i've got a nice surprise in my five-day forecast, i'll have in that a little while. >> even the 50s sound great. >> there's more? okay, great. there are some folks who are hard at work right now trying to make sure cupid is ready to fly tomorrow. >> coming up, the frenzy going on behind the scenes at flower shops.
8:37 am
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try it today. bookstore giant borders is filing for bankruptcy. the official paperwork is expected as early as tomorrow or tuesday. the wall street journal reports that 200 stores will close. borders did try to get publishers and other dos support a refinancing plan but they couldn't make the deal. 19,000 people work for borders. just a little reminder, in case you haven't heard. tomorrow is value len tynes day and that means big business for those who sell romance, especially florists who sell thousands of bouquets this time of year. alexis vance takes us inside one business of live in arizona. >> reporter: at 1-800-flowers in phoenix, the phone hasn't stopped ringing, people placing orders for valentine's day. >> we actually start preparing right after christmas. >> reporter: but let me take you to the back, to the 13,000-
8:41 am
square-foot design center. the flowers are flown in from south america, designed and arranged a couple days ahead of time. food is injected into the water, then they wait in a cooler until it's time to go out. >> reporter: how cold is it in here and how long can the flowers last? >> it it's 32 degrees in here, and flowers could typically last probably anywhere from maybe 10 to 12 to 14 dance in here. >> reporter: red roses are still the most popular arrangement sent out on valentine's day. we're in the routing center. they've hired 70 extra drivers. a dozen red roses delivered will run you $79.99. >> the demand of roses is so high has everybody wants them that you pay the price. because i pay a higher price, it's definitely reflecting on the consumer. >> reporter: but it's a price a lot of people are willing to pay to help show their love on
8:42 am
cupid's holiday. few all right, i've got to tell you, not everyone is gushing over valentines day. in fact, some people went as far as to party it up as a love sucks bash at universal city in l.a. fox's liz habib talked with some of the disgruntled love birds who attended in full costume. >> reporter: do you likely valentine's day? >> i'm not a fan. >> reporter: what's going on? >> love is battlefield. the problem is purely expectation. you're fed up with the let- down, and 99% of the time there is a let-down. >> reporter: you've been battling pretty hard. >> broken my leg, it's been a hard one for me. >> reporter: so what's anti, about this one, as opposed to being a dr. love, i'm dr. hind sight for those little mistakes that i've made. >> like the l.a. behindsight clinic? >> exactly. i don't know if you can tell,
8:43 am
but this is think positive. >> misery, love, it encompasses everything. >> reporter: isn't love both misery and happy sentence. >> it is misery and pain all at the same time, depending on the given day. >> it's funny, because in a town full of actors and actresses, i guess i shouldn't be so surprised. they're pretty creative. very interesting for those folks that maybe don't see valentine's day as such a happy time. let's check in with dave and wisdom. >> off the wall is coming up next. wisdom martin tell the fine folks at home what is coming up. >> how about a little talk about super bowl mvps going to disneyland, disney world. >> euro disney? >> wherever they want to go. an a little something called trick quarterback, or trick stop quarterback. >> i think they're all auditioning. a clang our forecast. we're going let you know what to expect, and another hang on
8:44 am
to your hat day. windy. i can't even talk. details coming up after the break. 
8:45 am
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some of the top stories we are following, redskins return specialist been don banks is expected to be released from the hospital today. he was stabbed outside a d.c. nightclub called the park earlier saturday morning. it appears banks was attacked while trying to protect his lifelong friend from a man with a knife. that friend is in critical but stable condition. albert haynesworth has been charged with misdemeanor assault stemming from a road rage incident earlier this month. haynesworth and his attorney appeared at the police station yesterday to sign a summons warrant. he is scheduled to appear in the fairfax county criminal court on march 31st. all right, let's get a check of the weather. gwen tolbart in with a beautiful forecast. >> we've got some good news, except windy conditions which
8:48 am
we have to deal with today and the beginning of the week, but we are going to put that aside because the good news is going to outweigh all of. that let's take a look outside. a cool start to your sunday morning. we've got some sunshine, just a few clouds, a pretty nice shot that you can see out there. the national cathedral tin background. but the winds not so bad right now, but that's going to change as we move into the course of the day. so we do have a windy day. the same story for monday as we start the week. so be prepared for. that it was really, really windy yesterday. we had some wind gusts that were over 40 miles per hour in some of our neighborhoods. and we've got a nice valentines treat for monday. lots of sun in the week ahead, and some big changes coming as we move through the later part of the week to talk about. but meantime, a look at yesterday's highs. 47 degrees at national air. we hit 44 degrees at dulles and 45 at baltimore. these temperatures are right where they should be for our seasonal average for yesterday so we were right on the mark. today we're going to be agents bit warmer, so we'll actually
8:49 am
be above the seasonal average for the day. right now 35 at national, 37 at gaithersburg, 32 in martinsburg. we've got 37 degrees at annapolis. as we head up the mid-atlantic it is cold in boston. 25 degrees. 32 in new york city, and 35 to the south in richmond. even raleigh only at 29 degrees. sky conditions now showing you a clipper system is starting to move its way through and is going to head off to the northeast. seeing a little bit of snow shower activity and a few sprinkles near the mason dixon line. everything you see to the south is actually in the upper atmosphere so we're not getting any of that. the only thing we're going to have to deal with are some of these clouds that are moving in. we've got a warm front that's going to skirt through, but the winds are staying pretty calm. that's going to change later into the day. but right now as we start out we've got calm winds, but they're going to pick intawp the course of the afternoon, and we're going to get some gusty winds that we're going to have to deal with.
8:50 am
taking a look at national temperatures, areas to the north here are going to really stay thin cold sector. to the south, we are going to see things warm up. we're going to benefit because we're going to get a nice southwesterly wind that's going to push its way towards us as we head into the course of the week. meantime, today we've got a warm front heading through. as we move through into monday, we are going to see this cold front head in. that's going to give us a little shot of cooler air, but, guess what, we're dog start to warm up. low pressure system associated with this low, it is a pushes its way out and this ridge of high pressure starts to build in, we are going to 0 see a pretty tight gradient between the two of them, and that interprets into strong winds on monday. but as we head into tuesday, things start to improve, and then wednesday, thursday, it really improves, because the warmer air settles in. we are headed for the 60s by thursday. i told you i had a nice surprise for you late week. meantime today we'll be in the 50s pretty much everywhere. just a few clouds, no shortage of sunshine for you. a pleasant day.
8:51 am
so it's going to be fairly nice to get out and enjoy. today 52 degrees. tonight warmer than last night at 35 degrees, and your five- day forecast showing you for valentine's day very pleasant to get out, but windy. then thursday, 52 degrees. >> i can't help that feeling that it's just a cruel trick, because march can be -- >> march is unpredictable. i digress. we'll take this week, though. >> the wizards are in cleveland hoping to end their 25-game road losing streak. but first they had to try and end a 10-game losing skids to the spurs. first quarter, andre blatche with the story of the night. washington turned the ball over and over and over. san antonio would go up 72-45 at the break. at one point they were up by 41 points. the spurs more than cruised past the wizards, 118-94. >> to the ice where the caps hosted the kings.
8:52 am
it defenseman mike greenback in the lineup. alex ovechkin wrists one in for his 21st of the season just a minute into the game but the kings would score four unanswered goals. the caps fall to the kings. they start a road trip in phoenix tomorrow. college hoops, george mason hosted james madison. a sold-out crowd at the patriot center in the first half. george mason trailed by 12 points but they rallied. the patriots would go up by one at the break and then pour it on in the second half. george mason defeats james madison 82-6 for their 11th straight win. maryland and gary williams looking to avenge an earlier loss to boston college. late in the first half the terps shawn mosley with the pretty reverse to give maryland a three-point lead at the break, but bc turned it up in the second behind reggie
8:53 am
jackson's 31 points. maryland falls to boston college 76-72. some other local score, american beat colgate, virginia lost to florida state by seven, and howard loses to north carolina. we're wondering, has a super bowl tradition run its course? >> and a trick shotgun slinger you've got to see. dave ross and wisdom martin debate the hot topics in "off the wall." off the wall, wisdom martin, dave loss. dave, we know the super bowl is over. >> it is over. >> after every super bowl they give the mvp a chance to say something, and that's, i'm going to disneyland, disney world. >> disney world is what april rogers said. >> i'm pretty much tired of that. >> is it played out? >> i think it's played out. it's, hey, i'm going to disney world. grown men who make millions, after a super bowl saying, i'm going to disney world, i don't
8:54 am
get it. i know disney wants the ad time, but it's old, played out. >> it doesn't look like you've ben enjoying it. but here it is. it's an american tradition -- that needs to end! stop the shenanigans. he looked like he was just all by himself with a bunch of animated characters. >> they don't even have the green bay packer colors. >> they don't even care. >> i don't know if i even want to be mvp. >> you do get a free ride. >> i want to go to the ross file, not the wisdom file. >> where did that come from? okay. >> john me mac entee. have you heard of this kid? he is a red shirt senior. he's a quarterback. we don't believe he's played. we can't find any stats but does he cool stuff like this. i mean, he will flip up. >> this is impressive. >> what do you think of this? is this tricked up? >> it looks legitimate. if he is actually this good and he's sitting on the bench at uconn, i got a problem with
8:55 am
that. if he can throw a football through a basketball hoop from in the stadium, why is he not on the field at uconn? >> he's a california native. and his nickname, johnny mac trick shot quarterback. >> if this is legit this guy -- but then again -- >> here's my favorite. >> was that a real pizza guy? because if it is, we could have a lawsuit. >> there's probably a guy there. excellent video, excellent skill 70. obviously it doesn't translate to the field because he hasn't played yet. this is the same kind of trick stuff that kyle boller did, throwing a football threw a goal post. >> kyle boller became a multimillionaire for doing very similar things. >> what happened when he got on the field? >> he was terrible. >> looked like he had never seen a football before. >> johnny the trick shot quarterback, i'm not sure if he's any good, but it's all over youtube. you can see it at
8:56 am
>> wisdom martin, by the way who did you have in the super bowl? >> i had the pittsburgh steelers. >> i had the green and yellow. i win. >> that's one of the few times that you were ever right since i've been doing this show. >> that's our edition of off the wall. >> black and yellow. >> never singing that song again, it's done. >> you knew he had to get that in. >> of course. >> i'm glad guys aren't like. that you'd be telling me, that's the first time you were ever right with your forecast. >> we're not that mean. >> no. >> let the games begin. a competition to break the record for the longest continuous kiss is on in thailand. >> wait until you hear how long the winning couple will have to stay lip-locked. you don't want to miss it. we'll be right back. 
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8:59 am
just in time forly valentine's day, 14 couples are battling it out in thailand. they are trying to set a new record for the longest continuous kiss. >> most of the couples are thai but there is one from germany as well as a gay couple. the current record for the longest kiss was set in 2009. it lasted 32 hours 7 minutes and 14 seconds. >> and we do understand apparently they get like a diamond ring, a cash prize, and it better be good,


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